Cable's Dev Hynes-Produced 'Roxanne': Exclusive Video Premiere

Cable (photo by James Orlando, styling by Stephanie Singer)

Watch the debut of NYC noise-rock duo Cable and their mesmerizing video for first single "Roxanne," only at Billboard.

Tracy Antonopoulos and Ben Morsberger, better known as Cable, are stepping out with a captivating music video for their debut single "Roxanne." Produced by Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange, the "Roxanne" clip found inspiration from the anime world, in films like "Akira" and "Blade Runner." Watch the clip, directed by Deering Regan and premiering exclusively on Billboard, below:

"It's basically about being addicted to something that's bad for you -- whether it's a person or something else -- and relationships in New York are a lot like that," Antonopoulos explains to Billboard. "I felt like there was this hopelessness to having a relationship in New York, because things are going so fast that people tend to gravitate towards what's more thrilling than what's actually meaningful."

No stranger to the art world, filmmaker and model Antonopoulos first joined forces with fellow filmmaker and guitarist Morsberger over a mutual love for sci-fi; the creative spark lifted once Antonopoulos heard a beat Morsberger had produced that used a "Blade Runner" sample. "I just feel like that kind of summed up the production and the mood we both gravitate towards," Antonopoulos says. Morsberger adds, "All great sci-fi is fun to make and watch, but it also has these basic human truths, which is why I think we are so attracted to the genre. You can still have a message."

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The collaboration with Hynes -- whose profile has recently expanded thanks to production work for Sky Ferreira, Solange and Mutya Keisha Siobhan -- came together thanks to a friendship between the Blood Orange mastermind and the pair that existed outside the studio. Morsberger is even performing as the guitarist for Blood Orange's band as well. "It was perfect because we're really good friends with him, so he knows what we like outside of the music too," Antonopoulos explained. "He introduced me to this anime stuff -- he's a nerd, like us. He's so talented musically but he also gets where we're coming from and he was able to heighten what we were doing."

With initial exposure in the fashion world performing for a Bullett Magazine party and during Timo Weiland's runway show during Fashion Week, the currently unsigned duo hopes to expand their reach to a more mainstream crowd. For starters, there's a cover of One Direction's "One Thing," also produced by Hynes, dropping in the coming weeks.

"We want our music to really be universal -- maybe not as exclusive as the cool fashion world is in NYC," Morsberger says. "The nice thing about being unsigned is that you really are able to figure out your vision, and take that time. For us it was really important for the past year to get to the bottom of why we wanted to do it - figure out what's important to us. It was nice to kind of do the blood sweat and tears - it's worth hustling and trying to do it on your own at first."