Justin Bieber Has A 'Bad Day' in Music Mondays Series: Listen

Justin Bieber performs on the stage in concert at MasterCard Center on September 29, 2013 in Beijing, China

Justin Bieber apparently had a pretty bad day in Brazil last weekend, but the pop superstar is talking about another kind of bad day -- the one where his girl walked away with nary a 'goodbye' -- on "Bad Day," the fifth installment in his 'Music Mondays' series.

At only two minutes and 25 seconds, "Bad Day" really does feel like a "journal" entry, as Bieber has described his 10-part weekly series: the downbeat R&B track photographs a painful moment in the singer's romantic life, and lets him stew in regret. "I didn't think it was over/Until you walked away/Like it was nothing, baby," Bieber mourns while allowing his melismas to crash into the shiny production.

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"Bad Day," released on Monday (Nov. 4) at midnight, follows "Heartbreaker," "All That Matters," "Hold Tight" and "Recovery" in Bieber's ongoing 'Music Mondays' series, which kicked off last month. Its release also followed a hectic weekend in which Bieber was reportedly photographed leaving a Brazilian brothel, and while performing at Arena Anhembi in Sao Paulo on Saturday night, the singer was hit with a bottle and cut his show short.

Bieber will address his tumultuous touring year in his upcoming "Believe 3D" movie, which comes out on Christmas Day. "Hold Tight" debuted at No. 29 on last week's Hot 100, and one can reasonably expect "Recovery" to debut on this week's chart.

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