Aziz Ansari Talks Vinyl, Pusha T & New Netflix Special

Aziz Ansari (photo: Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images Entertainment)

On Friday (Nov. 1), actor-comedian Aziz Ansari unveiled his latest stand-up special, "Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive," which premiered exclusively on Netflix and follows "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening" and "Dangerously Delicious," respectively. The "Parks and Recreation" star caught up with Billboard recently to discuss his recent music picks and why he opted to go the Netflix route for his latest concert special, which was filmed at the Merriam Theater in Philadelphia.

"I've seen what they've done with their originals, like 'House of Cards,' and how they really got behind them and made it a big thing… It seemed like a perfect fit," says Ansari of Netflix. "Buried Alive" is a bit of a "change-up" from his two previous specials, and doesn't include musical artist impersonations like Ansari's infamous takes on R. Kelly and Kanye West from "Intimate Moments."

Still, the 30-year-old is consuming as much new music as time allows. "That new Pusha T album -- that song 'Nosetalgia' is pretty amazing," he says when asked about what's currently on replay for him. "I gotta listen to the new Drake album, there's good stuff on there. And I'm excited about the new Arcade Fire album."

Although Ansari considers himself a big hip-hop fan, he says that he started delving into indie-rock artists like the Smiths and Pixies in college. In between promoting his stand-up, snagging film roles and serving as a cast member on "Parks and Rec," Ansari likes to kick back with… his record player.

"I still listen to a lot of music on vinyl," says Ansari. "You're so used to picking out one song and moving on to the next song from a different artist and different album. Vinyl forces you to lock in on one album, so you start to appreciate specific albums. I'll go through things like the first Clash album, the Stooges, the first Strokes album -- which is incredible and has aged really well. The Smiths and Led Zeppelin, too."

Check out the official trailer of "Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive" below: