Lady Gaga Debuts 'Venus,' 'Do What U Want' Live on U.K. 'X Factor': Watch


Lady Gaga Performing 'Venus' & 'Do What U Want' On The X Factor UK

In the past week, Lady Gaga continued rolling out "ARTPOP" by releasing "Do What U Want," an R. Kelly collaboration-turned-second single from the album, as well as "Venus," the originally announced second single that got bumped for the rhythmic duet. Hours after releasing the full version of "Venus" online, Gaga took the U.K. "X Factor" stage on Sunday night (Oct. 27) to perform the song, as well as a Kellz-less "Do What U Want," for the first time each.

The dual performance was just that: after performing the uptempo "Venus" with a flurry of backup dancers and seashells covering her breasts, Gaga stripped off her blonde mermaid wig, the dancers scurried, and the pop superstar kicked off "Do What U Want" by writhing around on a stage covered with confetti. The latter song's performance was intoxicatingly weird, with Gaga, completely alone, strutting toward a piano in her underthings, eventually climbing atop that piano, and then stripping the song down a cappella for the finale.

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"I've been working on 'ARTPOP' for two years now, writing it, and I really wanted to show the breadth of the album," a breathless Gaga said onstage following the performance. "And 'Venus' is the first song I've produced by myself, so I really wanted to share it with everyone in the U.K."

"Do What U Want" will likely impact this week's Hot 100 chart, while "Venus" is now available at digital retailers, ahead of "ARTPOP's" Nov. 11 release. Click here to read more about Gaga's single change-up, and why the R. Kelly collaboration is now the follow-up to "Applause," the album's Top 10 lead single.