Lady Gaga Hints at 'ARTPOP' Sequel During Twitter Q&A

Lady Gaga went directly to the Little Monsters on Sunday night (Oct. 13) to host another impromptu Q&A on Twitter about her new album, "ARTPOP," due out Nov. 11. Among the details revealed about the album's production and rollout: there may be a sequel on the way.

"Yes, lots of songs for ACT TWO!" Gaga wrote when a fan asked if the pop superstar had already started planning for an "ARTPOP" follow-up. Could "ARTPOP" be followed by a "Part 2 of 2," a la Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience"? Fans will have to wait (until, perhaps, the next Twitter Q&A) to find out what that "Act Two" is all about.

Watch Lady Gaga's 'Aura' Lyric Video

In the meantime, Gaga also shared that the music video for "Venus," "ARTPOP's" second single, will be directed by Ruth Hogben, but will not be released concurrently with the single on Oct. 27. As for the single artwork, "We are still designing it," says Gaga, who added that the "Applause" follow-up is indeed about "the goddess of love."

Also, a finished version of "Brooklyn Nights" will be released as a bonus track on "ARTPOP," and will come out "on the app sometimes during the album cycle," Gaga explained. And as far as collaborators on the album, Gaga confirmed that she co-wrote "Gypsy" with longtime collaborator RedOne, and tagged 19-year-old French producer Madeon while revealing the following lyrics from the song "Mary Jane Holland": "CUZ I LOVE LOVE CUZ I LOVE LOVE YOU BETTER THAN YOU BETTER THAN, MY DARKEST SIN. RUUUUSSSSSIAN HOOOOOKERS ANDD CHEEAPP GIIIIIIN."

In late July, Gaga hosted a Twitter Q&A to unveil details about the music video and lyrics to "Applause," which holds steady at No. 9 on this week's Hot 100 chart. Last week, the singer shared the lyric video for the album track "Aura" -- which coincided with the release of her feature film debut in "Machete Kills" -- as well as the 15-song "ARTPOP" track list.