AlunaGeorge Brings 'Body Music' to Billboard: Watch Live Performance and Q&A

Jatnna Nunez

AlunaGeorge visits the Billboard studio in New York City,

On the road performing their fantastic debut album "Body Music" R&B futurists AlunaGeorge stopped by Billboard's New York City studio for an interview and live performances of their songs "You Know You Like It" and "Attracting Flies." Watch the interview below:

"'You Know You Like It" is not rocket science," vocalist Aluna Francis says. "It's about being yourself and being that person on the dancefloor that's making a total fool out of themselves but having a good time and saying to the person in the corner, "Idiot! Come on, you love it!"

AlunaGeorge: Billboard Session Photos

AlunaGeorge's studio performances show a side of the band's sound that often went unexplored on their album. Where "Body Music" is rife with modernist samples and synthesizer tricks behind Francis' vocals, George Reid's choice to use only a simple keyboard brought an added intimacy to the sessions. Check out AlunaGeorge's live take on "You Know You Like It" here:

Coming from the UK and on tour in the US for the first time, AlunaGeorge were out to get the full American experience. In fact, the tour marked Reid's first ever trip stateside. They tried Philly cheesesteaks while in town to perform at the City of Brotherly Love's Made in America festival. Francis attempted to find cronuts (though she was unsuccessful) in NYC and if you look close enough, you'll catch their percussionist James Trood wearing a hat from Manhattan's famed Katz's Delicatessen.

Watch AlunaGeorge's performance of "Attracting Flies" below: