CHVRCHES Perform Two Songs & Talk New Music: Watch

Kate Glicksberg

CHVRCHES photographed on the roof of the Billboard Studio in New York City

Hear live studio cuts of "Recover" and "The Mother We Share"

Back in September, we asked if the dreamy Scottish synthpop act known as CHVRCHES could turn blog buzz into a hit album. Their album, "The Bones of What You Believe," debuted at a modest No. 12 last week, but given the quality of the songs and their label's, Glassnote, reputation for tireless and dedicated promotional campaigns, they may have a big winner on their hands.

CHVRCHES' Hype Dreams: Can Blog Buzz Produce A Hit Album?

Regardless, the songs on CHVRCHES' debut album speak for themselves. Recently, the trio composed of Lauren Mayberry (vocals), Iain Cook (keyboards), and Martin Doherty (keyboards) stopped by Billboard's NYC studio to play two of the album's best tracks (bangers "Recover" and "The Mother We Share") and sat down for an interview.

CHVRCHES is led by Lauren Mayberry, the charismatic, angel-voiced singer who recently penned a must-read op-ed about the sexism she faces while running the band's social media accounts. Mayberry has won awards for her journalism work (even working as a music journalist for a time) and brings a cunning, honest sense of self-awareness to the band. She speaks about a "transfer of ownership" in singing live, and explains why she doesn't want to reveal their deeply personal meanings. "You see someone really enjoying the song," she says. "But they're enjoying it in a different way than you are because it means something different to them… That can be a powerful thing about lyrics."

Watch CHVRCHES perform "The Mother We Share" below:

"We can see the rooms getting bigger," says keyboardist Iain Cook, enthusiastic about the band's current US tour. "People know the songs; the record's finally out there. It's getting to a nice level and we're enjoying ourselves."

And although their debut dropped days ago, Cook says the band is already thinking about new material:

"Ultimately we want to get some time to start getting new ideas down for the new record. Things are starting to build up creatively, and it would be great to really get the ball rolling on that. We're just trying to get the time window to do it, during all the touring," he says.

Watch CHVRCHES perform "Recover" below: