Christina Grimmie, 'Tell My Mama': Exclusive Video Premiere

Trevor Hoehne

Christina Grimmie

Watch the YouTube sensation's magical new video before she resumes her spot on Selena Gomez's tour.

Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie has quickly moved beyond her (highly successful) YouTube covers and has established herself as a recording artist to keep an eye on with her new album "With Love." "Tell My Mama," a standout cut from the full-length, has been given a brightly colored music video, launching exclusively on

Grimmie says that her new single is "about a guy that I start liking in school, and he's sort of a dangerous kid, and I am the type of girl that tells my mom about everything"; accordingly, the "Tell My Mama" video, directed by David Turvey, lets that scenario play out, with Grimmie catching a ride in her new bad boy's red convertible and conjuring a concerned look from her mother. Eventually Grimmie gets caught in the middle of her mom's supernatural wrath and her guy's leather-jacket magic -- but luckily, the young songwriter has a few powers of her own.

"I've always wanted to involve something 'fantasy-like' in a video, like magic and powers," says Grimmie. "So it was awesome to have that be the focus of the video. The boy in the video is not a partier, a druggie, or anything like that. He has flippin' SUPER POWERS. Beat that."

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The Los Angeles-based singer has worked with producers like Toby Gad and Jacob Kasher after spending years garnering a devoted YouTube following, which has now reached 2.3 million subscribers. Grimmie will continue supporting "Tell My Mama" and the rest of "With Love" by resuming her opening spot of Selena Gomez's Stars Dance arena tour on Oct. 18. 

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