Cher Answers Fan Questions: Madonna, 80s Medleys & Touring With Her Mom (Video)


With the arrival of Cher's first album in more than a decade, "Closer to the Truth," Billboard sat down with the diva to talk about the new release -- plus ask her fan-submitted questions.

The first part of our interview at her home in Malibu, California -- where the diva discussed the album -- premiered last week. Part two of our chat focuses on questions sent in to Billboard by her fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Among the topics discussed: Madonna, planning her upcoming Dressed to Kill concert tour, if "Closer to the Truth" is her final album, and more.

With regards to Madonna, she was once named as a possible director of a music video for Cher back in 1999, for the song "Dove L'amour." While the two never collaborated, Cher says that'd she like to work with Madonna, saying, "Yes, because Madge has got some great ideas."

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One fan cut right to the chase and asked: "Is 'Closer to the Truth' your final album?"

"How would I know that? Why did I wait 11 years (between albums)? You just don't know."

Cher's upcoming tour, which starts in Phoenix on March 22, 2014, follows her very successful Farewell Tour, which circled the globe from 2002 through 2005.

One fan asked, "How do you name a tour after having a Farewell Tour?"

"It never occurred to me that I would be doing it," Cher says. "Who thinks they're going to tour after they think they're done?"

Cher says that determining the set list for the new tour is proving to be difficult, because she knows her audience wants to hear a lot of different songs of hers.

"Planning this particular act, I'm going to try to navigate in-and-out of (my catalog). Because there are people who really want to hear 'You Haven't Seen the Last of Me' and so, something's gotta go. Or people who want to hear 'Woman's World,' I can't not do that. But you know, (the show) can't be four hours long."

Speaking of the tour, one fan asked if Cher was going to bring her 86-year old mother, Georgia Holt, on tour with her. (Holt released her first album earlier this year and was the subject of the recent documentary "Dear Mom, Love Cher.")

Cher let out a big laugh, saying, "No, mom doesn't travel well. She likes it here. She's a Malibu girl. It would be fun, but no, she wouldn't do it."