21 Under 21's Next Class Poll: Vote For 2014's Best Bet

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Madison Beer, Zendaya, Danny Avila, Becky G, WondaGurl

Is next year the year for rising music stars like Becky G, Danny Avila and Zendaya? Vote now!

This year's edition of Billboard.com's 21 Under 21 list featured a score of pop powerhouses, EDM stars, hip-hop influencers and, perhaps more than ever, fresh faces. Our 2013 ranking of music's 21 most powerful minors included artists like Lorde, Ariana Grande, Emblem3 and Austin Mahone, all of whom did not grace last year's list but are now making a monumental impact in mainstream music.

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So which under-21 artist do you think has the best shot of causing a buzz over the next 12 months and locking down a debut on next year's 21 Under 21 list? Five names -- Madison Beer, Zendaya, Danny Avila, Becky G and Wondagurl -- immediately come to mind, or you could submit your own entry. Vote now!

Madison Beer certainly has a chance to follow in the footsteps of Justin Bieber, who discovered the teen pop singer on Twitter. Beer's debut music video, "Melodies," features an appearance from Bieber, and has garnered 1.9 million YouTube views in less than a month.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old singer/actress Zendaya just scored an impressive album debut with her self-titled first LP, which sold 7,000 copies this week on Hollywood Records, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The "Shake It Up" star's enchanting new single "Replay" is in the Top 20 of the Dance Club Songs chart.

And watch out for Danny Avila: the 18-year-old DJ has already established himself as a rising EDM star thanks to multiple residencies in Ibiza and shows with Afrojack, David Guetta and Martin Solveig. We've featured producers like Porter Robinson and Madeon in 21 Under 21 -- and Spain's Avila could surely be next.

Becky G has certainly surrounded herself with some older superstars as well: the 16-year-old has recorded with Pitbull, gotten Jennifer Lopez to appear in her "Becky From The Block" music video and written alongside pop whizzes like Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Cirkut. The RCA Records artist appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards telecast last month, after releasing her debut EP, "Play It Again," in July.

Finally, Ebony "Wondagurl" Oshunrinde is a 16-year-old producer who quickly made a name for herself by scoring a credit on Jay Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" track "Crown." One of the youngest females to have production work featured on a platinum rap album, Wondagurl has expressed interest in working with Kendrick Lamar, Timbaland and Pusha T, among other artists.

Which of these five music minors has the best shot to shake up next year's 21 Under 21 list? Vote now -- or write in your own answer -- and defend your choice in the comments section!