16. Tori Kelly: 21 Under 21 (2013)

Lauren Dukoff

Tori Kelly

Last Year's Rank: N/A

Birthdate: December 14, 1992 (age 20)

Why She's Hot: Victoria Kelly's ascent began with a slew of popular YouTube clips featuring her covering both current and classic cuts. (Her takes on Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T.” both showcase her lithe vocals and soulful runs as she strums her acoustic guitar.) But then came her 2012 “Handmade Songs” EP, which proved Tori has quality self-penned material to offer. "All in My Head" is a heavy cut about a relationship she’s building up in her imagination that isn't transitioning to real life. Now being managed by Scooter Braun (responsible for Justin Bieber, The Wanted and Psy amongst others), she's been in the studio with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams, readying her "FOREWORD" EP, out October 22.