The Wanted Say You'll Hear 'Struggle' in Album, But No Justin Bieber

Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Siva Kaneswaran (L) and Max George of The Wanted perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Village on September 21, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I think maybe it was a bit R&B for the album," the group says of the dropped Bieber track from their long-delayed album, now set for Nov. 4

When The Wanted finally release their debut album, "Word of Mouth," on Nov. 4 following a year of delays, fans will not only hear the high-energy pop anthems you've grown to love, but emotional tracks more reflective of a group that has hit a speed bump or two.

"I think some of it will be what you'd expect, which are party songs and club mixes," Jay McGuiness told us backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday. "But there will be some that I think are more reflective of two years of some struggle. So you don't want hands in the air for a struggle song. You want an orchestra and want to emote a little and hopefully there's a mix of both."


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That mix won't include a single guest artist, the group tells us, and that includes previously announced collaborations with Rita Ora and Justin Bieber.

"The Justin track, it was gonna be on there and then on further thought it didn't quite sit within the album," said Tom Parker. "Maybe for the next album, but I think maybe it was a bit R&B for the album. But I mean the song's great, so yeah for this album it's just The Wanted."

"Word of Mouth" was set to be released Sept. 17 via Island Records after originally being due last year. "We wanted to make sure the album really flowed," Parker said of the prolonged tinkering, "So it wasn't random orchestral bits, random dubstep. So we really feel like it flows now."

(Further setting them back, in April the group's youngest member, Nathan Sykes, was sidelined for a couple months with a vocal cord hemorrhage.)

Now at full strength, the group recently wrapped their E! reality show ("we got to go to the White House and meet the president's dog") and will embark on a mini-tour in the U.S. in October followed by a world tour in February.

Reporting by Andrew Hampp (@ahampp) in Las Vegas.

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