Justin Bieber Raps Shirtless in Maejor Ali's 'Lolly' Video: Watch

Maejor Ali - Lolly ft. Juicy J, Justin Bieber

Sometimes Justin Bieber spits rhymes while wearing a tie dye tank top, while other times Justin Bieber spits rhymes while wearing no shirt at all. Fortunately, the music video for Maejor Ali's single "Lolly," which features the Biebs as well as Juicy J and was released on Tuesday (Sept. 17), features both.

The clip finds the three vocal artists palling around in a neon studio full of enthusiastic dancers and lollipop lickers. Bieber shows up around the 1:15 mark, rapping lines like "Fifty for the necklace, look down at my set list/Got your girlfriend at your crib watching Netflix" while rocking a gold chain, flipped-up hairdo and relaxed grin.

Maejor Ali (formerly known as Bei Maejor) co-produced Bieber's "Believe" track "One Love," and worked with the pop superstar on the Lil Twist single "Twerk." Meanwhile, Juicy J just showed up on another high-profile pop track -- Katy Perry's new song "Dark Horse" -- after scoring a Top 5 album debut with "Stay Trippy."