Miley Cyrus Strips, Swings Around Naked in 'Wrecking Ball' Video: Watch

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" music video has arrived, and the second single from her upcoming "Bangerz" album has arguably a more provocative video than its predecessor, "We Can't Stop." Oh, there will be online chatter about Cyrus making out with a sledgehammer; there will be even more about Cyrus riding a wrecking ball completely naked.

Directed by Terry Richardson, the "Wrecking Ball" clip, which premiered on Monday (Sept. 9), first shows Cyrus in an extreme close-up in front of a blindingly white background; she's crying as the song begins, and the whole affair recalls Sinead O'Connor's iconic "Nothing Compares 2 U" video. Later, she's wearing a white crop top and matching bottoms, smoldering as she carries a massive hammer and walks toward the camera in slow motion.

Of course, the most shocking moment of the video comes about 75 seconds in, when a nude Cyrus is shown straddling a swinging wrecking ball and lip-synching along to the pop ballad. The 20-year-old smashes more walls and licks the aforementioned sledgehammer before eventually collapsing in the middle of the rubble.

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When Cyrus posted a link to the "Wrecking Ball" video on Monday, she included the hashtag #WreckTheRecord -- a reference to her goal of earning the most VEVO views in a 24-hour period. The "We Can't Stop" video previously smashed the one-day record upon its June release with 10.7 million views, but that tally was topped by One Direction's "Best Song Ever" clip, which earned 10.9 million views when it premiered in July.

Earlier today, Cyrus confirmed that she will be hosting and performing on "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 5, three days before the release of "Bangerz." Cyrus has promised to release her fourth studio album's official track list if the "Wrecking Ball" video beats the one-day VEVO record.