M.I.A. Shares Insane Animated Lyric Video For 'Come Walk With Me': Watch


"I Am A God" is a Kanye West song, and also something M.I.A. could say in this lyric clip.

M.I.A.'s fourth studio album, "Matangi," promises to be a typically unhinged affair, but it's likely that nothing on the album will be half as bizarre as the animated lyric video for new track "Come Walk With Me." Released on Wednesday night (Sept. 4), the clip finds various Hindu deities performing highly surprising acts.

The ever-provocative singer-songwriter's lyric clip turns especially wild around the 2:45 mark, when an animated lion-headed god tears into a horizontal man's insides, while another smashes a mortal into the ground with its mighty foot. M.I.A. is also portrayed as a deity, smiling silently upon the proceedings, and also, playing a magical flute.

"'Matangi' is the answer to why 'Arular' and 'Kala' existed and '/\/\ /\ Y /\' was resisted," M.I.A. told Billboard recently about her new album, which follows 2010's underperforming "/\/\ /\ Y /\." "It's been a long journey to nirvana… I am peaced, not pissed."

"Matangi," due out Nov. 5 on Interscope Records, was produced entirely by M.I.A., Surkin, Switch and Danja. The album will include "Come Walk With Me," previously released singles "Bad Girls" and "Bring The Noize," and "Only 1 U."