Fantasy Boy Band Draft 2013: Vote For The Best Dream Lineup

The Billboard team conducted a fantasy draft of boy band members. Check out the full action below, and vote for your favorite dream team!

The NFL football season is fast approaching, which means that it's currently the season for fantasy football drafts. Across the globe, friends are signing up to draft their dream teams of current football stars, in an effort to piece together the best mock lineups and win their leagues. Fantasy drafts are a ton of fun for sports junkies who salivate over stats… so why not translate the fantasy football format to other media, like music? What would happen if the fantasy draft was used to choose a lineup with more vocal ability -- and better choreography -- than this year's hottest running back and wide receiver?

With that in mind, is proud to present the 2013 Fantasy Boy Band Draft, the first edition of the Billboard team's annual effort to put together the best five-person group of male vocal performers. Earlier this week, six members of the Billboard staff joined together to draft their own personal boy bands over five thrilling rounds. We captured all of the action -- which you can read below -- and now want to hear from the boy band fans themselves to see whose draft was the strongest. There were shocking selections, late-round sleepers and a discussion of who the "bad boy" is in One Direction. We'd expect nothing less from the first Fantasy Boy Band Draft.


-- Each team will select one member per round over the course of five rounds. This will be a "snake order" draft, so that the second round goes in reverse order as the first round (the player with the sixth pick will also get the seventh pick, and so on).
-- Boy band members are eligible as long as they once appeared in a boy band, meaning that members of defunct boy bands (i.e., *N SYNC or SoulDecision) can be drafted.
-- All boy band members are drafted under the "heyday" rule, which means that players are drafting boy band members at the height of their performing powers, not as they are in 2013.
-- Boy band members that play instruments (i.e., Hanson or BBMak) are eligible to be drafted.
-- Only members of boy bands that were active after 1980 can be drafted -- so no Jackson 5 or Beatles members. Only "modern" boy bands will be considered for this draft.
-- Following the draft, each participant will make the case as to why their completed boy band is the best!


Jason Lipshutz, associate editor and Pop Shop pop blog editor at
Erika Ramirez, associate editor and The Juice hip-hop blog editor at
William Gruger, social/streaming charts manager at Billboard
Tye Comer, editor of
Amaya Mendizabal, Latin charts manager at Billboard
Brad Wete, features editor at

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JASON: Okay, so we've all drawn numbers out of a hat to determine the draft order. Tye's up first, then Amaya, then Will, then Erika, then me, and Brad has the last pick of the first round and the first pick of the second round.

Tye, you're up first.


TYE: You know, this is a tough decision, since there's so much talent out there in the boy band field. However, I think I will have to start things off by choosing… Justin Timberlake! JT is my MVP.

WILL: That was too easy.

(Tye starts singing "Cry Me A River")

AMAYA: After much consideration, I'm going to have to go with A.J. McLean of the Backstreet Boys.


AMAYA: Here's why: I'm gonna say that he's the original "bad boy" of the boy bands. And for that reason…

TYE: He is a bad boy, that's true.

ERIKA: Isn't there a bigger bad boy from New Kids on the Block, or something?

JASON: Overall, a shocking Number 2 pick. Will, you're up.

WILL: I'm gonna go with the one-man army. I'm going to go with Ricky Martin.

JASON: Menudo's own! Great pick, very strong pick.

WILL: He still puts butts in the seats today, and I want that Latin crossover appeal.  

TYE: And like Shakira, his hips still don't lie.

JASON: Erika's up.

TYE (whispering to Erika): Omarion, do it! Do it!

ERIKA: No, I don't want to choose Omarion yet! I think I'm gonna go with Wanya Morris, of Boyz II Men.

TYE: Wanya! I wanted Wanya.

WILL: That's a shocking pick.

ERIKA: That is really not a shocker. That doesn't shock anyone.

JASON: Oh, it's my pick. You know what? I'm going new-school, guys. I think I'm going with Harry Styles. I feel like that's some good value for the fifth pick in the draft.

TYE: Strong pick.

JASON: He's got those green eyes and all.

BRAD: All right, I have two picks in a row. With the first pick on Team Brad, I am going with Bobby Brown.

TYE: Ah, dude, I was eyeing Bobby.

ERIKA: The man can't even perform right now!

BRAD: Nah, we're talking heyday here. Bobby Brown is the original king of R&B, and he would have been great with the collabs, going into the hip-hop era.

JASON: Hard to argue, hard to argue.


BRAD: And with my second pick, I'm going with Shawn Stockman.

JASON: Two Boyz II Men members in the first seven picks!

AMAYA: High voice, and a judge on "The Sing-Off."

BRAD: Exactly.

JASON: For my pick… if Harry's my frontman, I gotta have the best supporting player available, and that is easily JC Chasez. I'm very happy with that selection. Erika's up.

ERIKA: Hmmm… should I choose Omarion now?

TYE: It feels like it's Omarion time.

ERIKA: You know… I'm just gonna go with my own personal boy band. I'm gonna go with Slim from 112.

JASON: Huge shocker!

ERIKA: This band is only going to perform for me, clearly, and no one else.

WILL: Well, I'm up, and I'm going to seize Erika's missed opportunity. I'm going for an all-amazing dance lineup, and I'm choosing Omarion.

TYE: Ohhhh!

ERIKA: Can you imagine Ricky Martin and Omarion together?

AMAYA: Okay. No doubt in my mind -- Jordan Knight.

JASON: Oh no! I wanted Jordan Knight!

AMAYA: I know, I know you did.

JASON: Okay Tye, you have two picks in a row.

TYE: I feel like I've got the high end figured out with Justin's falsetto. I've gotta bring the bass. I'm going with… what's the name of the deep-voiced dude from Boyz II Men?

ERIKA: Michael.

TYE: I'm going with Michael McCary.

JASON: So, really? In the first 12 picks, there has been three Boyz II Men members chosen?

ERIKA: We know how much they're worth!


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TYE: So I've got my high end, I've got my low end. This is tough, because, how do you fill it out? I have my eye on a couple of picks, but my heart is telling me that I gotta go with Zac Hanson.

JASON: Zac Hanson! The young gun.

TYE: I'm getting a little MMMbop in there.

AMAYA: All right. I'm also going a little new-school, and I'm going to throw in some Max George, from the Wanted.

BRAD: Good choice.

WILL: So far, I've got two great dancers, but my band needs a bad boy. I'm choosing Zayn from One Direction.

AMAYA: Is he… the bad boy?

WILL: I don't know. I think so. Doesn't he look like the baddest one? I'm making him the bad boy.

JASON: Very surprising turn of events. Erika's up.

TYE: Joey Fatone is just sitting there, Erika.

ERIKA: And he will stay sitting there. I'm going with Nick Jonas.

JASON: The youngest Jonas!

WILL: You just made things tough for Amaya.

JASON: I honestly think Erika's band might be my favorite so far. You have Wanya, Slim from 112, and now Nick Jonas, in the same band. This is tough for me now -- I really wanted Max George.

TYE: Oh, wait, wait, wait!

JASON: It's not your turn, man.

TYE: No, wait. Hold on. I chose the wrong Hanson.

ERIKA: So we're going back?

TYE: I meant to choose Taylor Hanson. I put Zac first, but Taylor is who I need. I'm glad I got that sorted out.

ERIKA: Thank goodness no one else grabbed Taylor Hanson.

JASON: So wait, why Taylor over Zac? Why is it that urgent?

TYE: There's a HUGE difference between Zac and Taylor, dude. And if you don't know what that difference is, then we shouldn't be doing this.

JASON: Okay, so now that that's settled, I'm going to pick a veteran. He lives on Dream Street. I got Jesse McCartney. His new single's pretty hot, by the way.

WILL: Nick Carter is just sitting there, by the way.

BRAD: Yeah, he is just sitting there. Okay. In no particular order, I'm going with Robbie Williams

JASON: Good choice. International superstar.


BRAD: Yes, international superstar. And next, I'm going with Liam Payne.

WILL: Pretty high heartthrob factor.

JASON: Okay, so I think I want to go old-school again. Nick Lachey is just sitting there. I see Nick Lachey, and you know what? He's joining my team. That's a dream far beyond Dream Street.

TYE: I'm trying to figure out which One Direction members are left…

ERIKA: Hmmm…

JASON: Erika, I want to point out that there is one Boyz II Men member left.

ERIKA: Oh, Nathan's left? That's kind of sad. Honestly? I can't choose between Drew Lachey and Ashley from O-Town.

TYE: Drew Lachey?

ERIKA: That's the one I liked when I was younger! I'm going with Ashley from O-Town.

JASON: Oh, I'm so mad. As soon as I picked Nick Lachey, I was like, "I should have picked Ashley Parker Angel."

ERIKA: The fact that you know his full name…

WILL: Okay, I'm just going to pick up this power player that's still on the board. I'm picking up Nick Carter.

TYE: Good call.

AMAYA: I'm up. Lance Bass, please.

JASON: Fair. Okay Tye, you have two picks in a row, and they are your final picks.

TYE: This is challenging because I'm basically rounding out the rest of the boy band.

ERIKA: I dare you to choose someone from All-4-One.

WILL: Wait, which Jonas Brother has been taken?

TYE: Nick, only Nick. Everyone is eyeing Kevin right now. Oh wow, this is super tough. I'm going to go with Joe Jonas for my fourth pick.

BRAD: I was hoping he would slip, man. That's definitely who I wanted to round out my team.


TYE: I feel like I'm pretty strong right now. If I stopped right here, I would definitely have an arsenal of hits. However, I feel like, rounding it out, the bad boy is important, and I'm a little squeaky-clean right now. I'm gonna go for an old-school bad boy, and throw in Donnie Wahlberg.

JASON: Great pick. "Blue Bloods" star Donnie Wahlberg.

AMAYA: It's my turn, and I'm going to seize the opportunity. I'm going to go with Zac Hanson. Tye let him go, and I need a musician, and some hair.

WILL: Okay, final pick. I have to round it out -- I have a Latin star, an R&B star, I have a British star who's the bad boy, and I have a clean American star. I'm going to go for the Middle America housewives. I'm picking Kevin Jonas.

AMAYA: Bravo!

TYE: For a second, I thought that Kevin would be left on the playing field.

WILL: I had to make sure all the Jonas Brothers were picked up.

JASON: Erika, you're up. There are still three 112 members on the board, including "Q."

TYE: Before you pick, I want to point out that only one member of New Edition has been chosen.

ERIKA: You're right. Which one is the creepy one? I can't decide. I want to go with Lil Fizz.

JASON: Is Lil Fizz the final selection?

ERIKA: No. I think I'm going to go with Michael Bivins. You get the New Edition songs, you get the Bell Biv Devoe songs. I would love to see the boy band I created.

JASON: Okay, it's my last pick. I also feel like I new a bad boy -- you got Harry leading the way, and it's very clean from there. There are not that many bad boys left. I might take a Wanted guy.

WILL: Amaya already stole Max.

JASON: Nathan Sykes is the best singer, though. You know what? Screw it. I'm going Chris Kirkpatrick.

TYE: That's a very controversial pick.

JASON: It's the dreadlocks, sure, but also the JC connection on my team. I feel like that's a strong pick.

BRAD: Final pick. I'm currently deciding between all the members of Big Time Rush.

TYE: Dude, Ralph Tresvant from New Edition is just sitting there.

JASON: Also worth pointing out: no Mindless Behavior members chosen. No Roc Royal. Also, J-Boog from B2K is available.

BRAD: No, I'm definitely picking someone from Big Time Rush, because they can all sing individual parts and are all talented people. I am leaning towards Logan Henderson. Definite heartthrob. Give me Logan.

And that concludes the 2013 Fantasy Boy Band Draft! Click here for each player's breakdown of his or her respective team, and to vote for the team you like the most.


TYE'S TEAM: Justin Timberlake, Michael McCary, Taylor Hanson, Joe Jonas, Donnie Wahlberg
Tye's Breakdown: Looking at my lineup, it's pretty obvious that my team is the best. There are a couple of really strong frontmen -- I can see Justin and Taylor trading off on vocals. I feel like there's going to be some great harmonies in there.  You've got the sexy, sentimental breakdown with Michael McCary. I wish I had more dancers, because I don't think there will be too much movement in my team, but there's a lot of strong musicians, good songwriting, and a heartthrob for everybody. Donnie Wahlberg rounds it out nicely -- he's got an edge.

AMAYA's TEAM: A.J. McLean, Jordan Knight, Max George, Lance Bass, Zac Hanson
Amaya's Breakdown: I feel I have a group of all-stars on my team. We've got the O.G., Jordan Knight -- he's gonna be the leader, and he's gonna pull them all together. He's been doing it the longest. We've got Lance, who's a very good bass, as his name suggests. We've got A.J., the inspiration -- he's been through a lot of struggles, but he's gotten through them. Zac is the musician, and the heart and soul. And I want to say that Max is going to be the face of the group.

WILL'S TEAM: Ricky Martin, Omarion Grandberry, Zayn Malik, Nick Carter, Kevin Jonas
Will's Breakdown: I have easily the most diverse lineup here. I have the power hitter, Ricky Martin, who has the strongest global appeal of anyone out there. I think everyone else speaks for themselves: Ricky, Omarion and Nick Carter will be excellent dancers, and Kevin Jonas is going to stare at you with puppy-dog eyes and play the guitar. He comes in on the ballads.

ERIKA'S TEAM: Wanya Morris, Marvin "Slim" Scandrick, Nick Jonas, Ashley Angel, Michael Bivins
Erika's Breakdown: My team makes absolutely no sense. I'm not going to sit here and say it makes sense. I formed a group solely so that they could perform for me. I love Boyz II Men and 112. I needed to get a Jonas in there. And Ashley? You clearly want to hear some O-Town. Just imagine the medleys that this group.

JASON'S TEAM: Harry Styles, JC Chasez, Jesse McCartney, Nick Lachey, Chris Kirkpatrick
Jason's Breakdown: What I tried to do was build around my first pick, Harry Styles. Harry is probably the hottest boy band member of today, in terms of recognizability, so you have to flank him with good support. JC is the best support of all time, in my opinion. Nick Lachey can handle his own, but can also give way to his brothers in this band, as well as his actual brother, Drew. Chris Kirkpatrick has the dreads, and they're incredible. And Jesse McCartney is a brilliant artist in his own right. You have a lot of old-school, but the new school anchoring it.

BRAD'S TEAM: Bobby Brown, Shawn Stockman, Robbie Williams, Liam Payne, Logan Henderson
Brad's Breakdown: Some of you guys have team members who consider themselves bad boys, but there's no roughneck like the original roughneck, Bobby Brown. Following that, you have an angelic voice who balances out the roughneck-ery of Bobby Brown in Shawn. Robbie Williams, again: international superstar, talented, popular. For the Hollywood appeal, you have Liam Payne. And then you have my guy Logan, who, in addition to being a talented vocalist, will be on television. "Big Time Rush" is clearly a mega-show.

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