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'Breaking Bad' Character Playlist: 8 Songs For The Final Season

Breaking Bad

From Linkin Park to Taylor Swift, check out the tracks that capture the major characters on the AMC drama.

On Sunday night (Aug. 11), AMC's "Breaking Bad" kicks off its final season, beginning the end of the road for the Emmy-winning drama about one likable man evolving into a merciless villain. No viewers are quite sure how the journey will end, but while we speculate about the fates of Walter White and the people in his life, we created a custom playlist for all of our favorite characters!

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Here are the personal anthems we gave to Walt, Jesse, Skyler and the others to reflect their ever-evolving personalities. Check out's "Breaking Bad" character playlist, and tell us which songs you would give to each of the show's characters in the comments section.  

Walter White -- The Crystal Method feat. The Heavy, "Play For Real"


What's the sonic equivalent of anti-hero Walter White's slow descent from a congenial science teacher to a soulless drug kingpin? The intense, wub-tastic sounds of "Play For Real," built around WW-approved threats like "You gotta be mad/Stone cold crazy/Out of your mind/If you wanna play with me." It doesn't hurt that the author of the meth madman's anthem is… the Crystal Method.

Jesse Pinkman -- Taylor Swift, "Innocent"


Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" ode to Kanye West perfectly encapsulates Aaron Paul's drug-dealing, purpose-seeking character. "Oh, who you are is not where you've been," T-Swift sings about Yeezy -- but the sentiment also works for Jesse, who's done some grisly work but tries his best to maintain his moral compass. As Taylor might say, he's still an innocent.

Skyler White -- Linkin Park, "One Step Closer"


"I cannot take this anymore," sings LP's Chester Bennington on the group's breakout single. That seems to have been Skyler's mantra throughout "Breaking Bad" -- first with Walt's shady shenanigans, then with her crumbling marriage, next with her estranged husband's insistence on staying in her life, and finally with the allure of illegal activity. NOW SHE'S ABOUT TO BREAK!

Hank Schrader -- Zedd feat. Foxes, "Clarity"


The final shot of "Breaking Bad's" most recent season was of (spoiler!) Walt's DEA brother-in-law finally, finally figuring out who Heisenberg really is. Foxes may be singing about "chasing relentlessly" in a romantic manner on Zedd's Top 10 EDM hit, but for Hank, the chase has really just begun.

Marie Schrader -- Joe Jonas, "Kleptomaniac"


As nagging as Marie may be sometimes, her intentions have always been pure… unless she's swiping some stuff from various stores as part of a long-stifled flaw. Thus, Joe Jonas has graciously bestowed Marie with her defining song.

Walt White, Jr. -- Fleetwood Mac, "I Don't Want To Know"


Throughout the series, Walt Jr. has been maddeningly kept in the dark about everything his father (and now mother) have been up to. The kid's been frustrated, but is frustration really as bad as getting mixed up in their illegal activities? Maybe Walt Jr. is better off keeping things light and breezy, like this Fleetwood Mac classic. 

Gustavo Fring -- Radiohead, "Everything In Its Right Place"


Before his explosive death, Gus Fring was everything you would want in a head of a meth empire (we think): cold, exacting, unemotional and specific. Gus was as chilly and ominous as the opening track of Radiohead's "Kid A." RIP, Pollo Hermano.

Saul Goodman -- Bee Gees, "Jive Talkin'"


Saul has entertained "Breaking Bad" fans for years with his bottomless supply of quips. His "fancy lies," as the Bee Gees might put it, have kept him alive and out of the line of fire, despite dealing with lunatics on the regular. Dance into the show's final season, Saul, and never stop talking your jive.