Kat Graham, 'Power': Exclusive Single Premiere

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Kat Graham

Kat Graham, the Swiss-born star of CW's "The Vampire Diaries," is simultaneously forging a pop career on A&M/Octone, and has followed up tracks like "Put Your Graffiti on Me" and "Wanna Say" with her most cohesive radio offering to date. Check out "Power," Graham's new single, premiering exclusively on Billboard.com:

"Power" is an empowering slice of electro-pop that allows Graham to recount the experience of "throwing all the pages of the past out the window" and find new strength in the form of a balanced romance. With pounding drums and a chorus that congeals into a rally cry, "Power" is fittingly epic for a showcase of lyrics that aim to inspire.

"The meaning behind 'Power' for me was to express that true power comes from within," says Graham. "Someone can come into your life and unlock the door to your potential. For me, that was love, but it can be anything to anyone… It's a song that starts off with the feeling like you're just one of many, and someone forcing you to see that in the end, there's only you."

"Power" will be pushed to Top 40 radio, while the singer -- who has collaborated with artists like Will.i.am and Snoop Dogg -- will perform at the Kiss The Summer Hello concert for KISS 98.5 in Buffalo on June 29. Want more Kat Graham? Watch the music video for "Wanna Say" below: