Adam Lambert, LeAnn Rimes Flick Off Bullies

Today, images of LeAnn Rimes and Adam Lambert giving cameras the middle finger began circulating around the internet in support of an anti-bullying campaign that embraces a new "F" word -- friendship.

Originating in Los Angeles, the Friend Movement is a grassroots organization created by Elliot Dal Pra London and Ronnie Kroell that aims to prevent bullying through enabling people to be better friends and by displaying positive images of people of all races, genders, and creeds. 

The "New F Word" campaign is the organization's most recent effort in spreading bullying awareness and self-empowerment, as well as replacing hurtful "F" words like "freak" and "fag" with kinder ones like "friend." 

By displaying thousands of pictures of celebrities and other supporters flipping the bird at bullying, the campaign hopes that others will learn to speak out against the issue and not let it continue because of silence. According to their website, the movement encourages victims of bullying to have an inner monologue that says, "F U, I am actually really FABULOUS and do not need your approval."

Along with Lambert and Rimes, stars such as Tim Gun, Lance Bass, and Carmen Elektra have given their help (and fingers) to this campaign. The Friend Movement will be launching a Kickstarter today to raise funds for a national tour where they will take 10,000 pictures of supports in three months to take a stance against all different types of bullying.

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