Lights Studio Session: Watch Two Acoustic Performances and Q&A

Kate Glicksberg

Lights photographed in New York City

Rising Canadian star discusses her new acoustic album and gives an update on her next full-length.

Last month, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Valerie Anne Poxleitner, better known as Lights, released "Siberia Acoustic," an intimate reworking of her 2011 album, "Siberia." The electronic-based pop artist has once again shaken up her sonic palette, and along with a stripped-down performance at Billboard's New York studio, Lights sat down with's Chris Payne to discuss the motivation behind her acoustic album. 

"I'm really active on social media and I look to see what people are responding to," says Lights, "so I put out my first acoustic EP a couple years ago, and people kind of started expecting acoustic [releases]. So I just decided to do 'Siberia Acoustic.'"

After releasing her debut studio album "The Listening" in 2009, Lights scored the Juno Award for New Artist of the Year that year. Now that "Siberia Acoustic" has reached the masses, a proper third album is in the works -- although Lights admits that her next project has progressed slowly, and that she's fine with that.

"I've written about 30 songs already, and only a few of them are really ringing positively with me," she says. "Songwriting is such a challenging thing… I'm kind of in that place where I'm writing and writing and writing, and waiting for some spiritual downpour, so that I realize what's gonna happen next."

Lights will support "Siberia Acoustic" with a handful of shows in Canada, including opening slots at scattered Marianas Trench and Tegan and Sara performances. She'll also perform at Ontario's Sound of Music Festival on June 15 and at the Summerstage Festival in New York on June 29.

Check out a bonus acoustic performance from Lights, this time of "Cactus In The Valley":

[Reporting by Chris Payne, NY]