Watch Dirk Nowitzki Meet Austrian Hip-Hop In NBA Finals Ad: Exclusive

On Saturday (May 18), the NBA will air its first TV spot promoting the 2013 Finals with a clever ad that combines Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki with… an Austrian hip-hop banger? Get a first look at the NBA Finals spot, dubbed "Forever Dirk," exclusively on

The commercial is centered around Nowitzki's iconic fadeaway jumper that helped the Mavs win the 2011 NBA Finals, and as that shot is re-created as a toy figurine, birthday cake and various other trinkets, "Wie Kannst Du Nur" ("How Can You Only"), from Austrian rap veteran RAF 3.0, is heard as overlay music in the background. The tag line, "Forever is BIG," is unveiled as the beat kicks back in.

The NBA Finals begin on June 6 on ABC, and there are more "Forever is BIG" ads on the way. Until then, check out this playlist for the 2013 NBA Playoffs, in which all 16 teams that made this year's contest were given their own anthem.