Alpine Captures 'Anxiety, Lust, Love and Loss' on Debut Album

Check out a few tracks for 'A Is For Alpine,' due out May 21 in the U.S.

Indie-pop collective Alpine is not yet a known entity in the United States, but the Australian sextet doesn't mind slowly but surely accruing stateside support. At South By Southwest in 2012, for instance, the group linked up with Votiv, the label that eventually signed on to release its debut album, "A Is For Alpine." One year later, Alpine was back at SXSW, with a larger audience, a tighter stage show and a debut album -- released in Australia last August, and due out in the U.S. on May 21 -- that had been named the iTunes Australian alternative album of the year.  

"We had no idea that things would come this far," says Phoebe Baker, who splits vocal duties with Lou James. "It all happened quite organically but quite quickly as well -- getting signed, getting a name in Australia, and now coming to America. It's crazy, but we're so up for it."

Formerly known as Swiss, Alpine recorded "A Is For Alpine" with producer Dann Hume in Melbourne, with Baker, James and guitarist Christian O'Brien spearheading the writing process before inviting bassist Ryan Lamb, keyboardist Tim Royall and drummer Phil Tucker in to give their take on each track. The 12 songs on "A Is For Alpine" hum along with shimmering vocal hooks and arresting guitar riffs, most notably on the single "Gasoline," which received a new music video earlier this week.

"We're all in our twenties," Baker says, "and [the album] is an accumulation of all of our emotional experiences of being in our twenties -- things like anxiety, lust, love and loss, those things that most 20-year-olds experience."

Following the U.S. release of "A Is For Alpine," the group will return to the States for 13-date tour supporting Crystal Fighters, which kicks off on June 1 in San Diego. And Baker says that the band is "constantly writing" new material for a follow-up material, especially since "A Is For Alpine" is nearly a year old in their native country. "It's what I love to do, and what we all love to do," Baker says of songwriting. "We're definitely thinking about new songs."

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