'Twerking' Dance Leads To 33 High School Suspensions

Miley Cyrus

Sometimes, dancing on school property can be fun -- who doesn't enjoy an amiable two-step during a homecoming ceremony or cotillion? But when you shake your hips in a too-vigorous fashion in between calculus and U.S. history, you'll soon find that school and the twerk don't werk (er, work) well together.

Twerking, a suggestive dance move recently popularized by Miley Cyrus, has gotten 33 high school students in San Diego banned from their prom and graduation ceremony.

At Scripps Ranch High School, a video showing a group of teens dancing on school property and with school equipment recently made its way onto YouTube. According to local news affiliate ABC 10 News in San Diego, teachers at Scripps Ranch immediately suspended all 33 students involved with the clip (which has since been removed from YouTube), including some who did not appear in the video at all.

"They've waited four years to go to prom, to walk at graduation and now because of a fun video, it's being taken away from them," said Emily Benzie, a student at Scripps Ranch who was not suspended. The junior also compared the disciplinary action to something out of "Dirty Dancing."

In March, Miley Cyrus posted a YouTube video of herself twerking to J. Dash's song "WOP." The clip has since earned 4.8 million YouTube views, and "WOP" entered the Hot 100 chart, nearly two years after its initial release.