The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, Ke$ha To Make 'Weirdo Music' Together: Video Interview

"We already have a couple songs, and they're stellar," Coyne tells Billboard.

The Flaming Lips are plenty busy without taking on a new project with a pop superstar: the psych-rock veterans have a dark new album, "The Terror," out on April 16 in the U.S., and have been working on film projects in between record-setting tours and starring in commercials for Virgin Mobile and Hyundai. But frontman Wayne Coyne revealed on Wednesday (Apr. 3) that he was working on a full-length album with his "The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends" collaborator Ke$ha -- a move that he says makes perfect sense, given the pair's musical adventurousness.

"Her and I -- as much as we're able to -- we've recorded some music," Coyne told Billboard during an interview on Wednesday night at The General in Manhattan. "And people dismiss how… good she is. I mean, she really is genuine. And she can really fucking sing."

The Flaming Lips Take a Bleak Turn on 'The Terror'

Although Coyne does not have a timetable for his project with the "Die Young" singer, he tells Billboard, "We already have a couple songs, and they're stellar." And for those who worry that the F'Lips frontman is going Top 40 immediately after making one of his bleakest albums to date, never fear: Coyne insists that whatever they produce will be truly bizarre.

"I see a side of her that doesn't want to worry about marketing -- that doesn't want to worry about the things that go into her being a pop star -- and just make music," Coyne says of the 26-year-old pop starlet. "I think her producers will probably allow her to do some weirdo music. That's what her and I call it: 'I want to do some weirdo music with you!'"

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