Megan Hilty Performs Two Songs from 'It Happens All The Time': Video

The multifaceted artist releases her debut solo album today and performs two of its gems for Billboard.

Megan Hilty’s a woman of many talents. She’s one of the leads on NBC’s musical drama series “Smash,” playing Ivy Lynn. She’s starred on Broadway a few times. And today, she releases her debut album, "It Happens All The Time.”

The “It” Hilty’s referring to apparently is breakups. It's overall theme of the album and two songs she recently performed in studio for Billboard focus on the feelings felt during a split.

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At first Megan intended to make an album of covers, featuring her favorite songs from movies, but she started receiving originals and, “The more we tried,” Hilty recalls, “the more they made sense.”

The result’s a 10-song set of fragile cuts. “No Cure” is a somber cut about there being no remedy for a broken heart.  On “Be a Man” she begrudgingly wishes an ex well on his new relationship. Watch her perform both below.

A couple of Aimee Mann and Damien Rice covers made the album, released through Sony Masterworks' new contemporary adult imprint, Portrait. But there are several newbies written by the likes of Ne-Yo and Carrie Underwood as well.

Megan looked at this album as a challenge. “Learning how to record pop music instead of things that are more theatrical” was tough, she says. Hilty had to “stretch and see if this is something that I could do.” Looks like she can mark this off as a mission accomplished.