AlunaGeorge Talks 'Body Music' Debut, 'White Noise' Backstory

Courtesy of Toast Press
Aluna George

U.K. duo's highly anticipated LP is slated for a July release overseas.

AlunaGeorge has spent the past year slowly accumulating Web attention through the release of blog-friendly singles, and that hype is now a few months away from reaching a fever pitch with the summer release of a debut album.

The futuristic London-based R&B duo -- comprised of singer Aluna Francis and producer/keyboardist George Reid -- will release "Body Music" July 1 via Island in the U.K., with a U.S. release date announcement on the way. The album is currently being mixed and will soon be mastered; in the meantime, AlunaGeorge issued a biting new single, "Attracting Flies," last week to preview the highly anticipated LP.

"[The songs] tend to be stories -- stories people have told me that I can relate to," Francis tells Billboard of the lyrics she set to Reid's beats. "Maybe the sentiment and the feelings can come from my experience. But in context, the inspiration for those songs tends to come from elsewhere." But not all the emotion is secondhand: "There's a couple of songs on the album which are directly personal to me: 'Your Drums, Your Love' and 'Friends to Lovers.'"

The latter is one of "Body Music's" confirmed songs that hasn't yet been shared with the public, while "Your Drums, Your Love" gained acclaim thanks to its eye-popping music video, which has earned 1.1 million views since its release last September. Many of the AG singles that won fans over last year ("Drums," "You Know You Like It") will appear on the LP, though Reid predicts that the "majority" of "Body Music's" tracks will be never-before-heard songs.

Production-wise, Reid's beats are influenced from ubiquitous hip-hop and R&B producers like the Neptunes and Timbaland, and are blended with a distinctly British brand of glitchy, low-key dubstep. "I haven't got any hardcore gear, to be honest," says Reid, who occasionally uses guitar on "Body Music" but typically favors a Logic-equipped PC and drum samples, with a little piano.

Though the album will include no collaborations, AlunaGeorge recently widened its audience through a collaboration with a few other U.K. up-and-comers -- the production duo Disclosure. "We did a show with Disclosure at Plan B in Britain," remembers Francis. "It was really good fun -- we were just chatting backstage and I guess that gave the idea just to work with them on their upcoming album." The result was the vibrant single "White Noise," which picked up steam after a fan recording from a White Noise DJ set leaked online.

"They had planned to release it March 24," says Francis. "It kind of leaked its way onto the Internet. Then they had to put in on the Internet, and then they had to make it available on iTunes very quickly. It was very unexpected from all sides."

Though heavy anticipation rushed "White Noise's" release up to Feb. 1, fans will have to wait nearly four months for AlunaGeorge's proper debut to arrive, while an Emil Nava-directed music video for "Attracting Flies" is coming soon. With other forward-thinking R&B artists like Miguel and Frank Ocean having their respective mainstream moments, the time may be right for Francis and Reid to enjoy theirs.