Gimme Five: Olly Murs' Current Pop Obsessions (Video)

Kate Glicksberg

Bruno, Justin and 1D all get a shout-out from the "Troublemaker" star.

U.K. singer-songwriter Olly Murs has slowly established himself as a rising pop talent in the States in the four years since becoming a finalist on the British "X Factor" in 2009. "Troublemaker," his uptempo single featuring Flo Rida, hit No. 1 overseas last year and is currently at No. 44 on the U.S. Hot 100, ahead of the Apr. 16 stateside release of his new album, "Right Place, Right Time."

With a big 2013 in store, the 28-year-old recently sat down with Billboard to discuss, among other things, the pop hits from other artists that he currently can't get out of his head, for Pop Shop's "Gimme Five" series. From 50 Cent to One Direction, Murs' choices are a diverse rundown of the current charts -- and he isn't afraid to sing a little bit of each track. Check it out below:

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