Outasight, 'I'll Drink to That': Exclusive Video Premiere

Dan Gotti

Outasight's voyage continues with "I'll Drink to That," a clip that symbolizes his "long journey" and studies the road that got him there -- all the way back to NYC.

The video sees Outasight – whose real name is Richard Andrew – getting on with life in a wintry, lonely upstate New York. There’s no bling. This is a blue-collar landscape. When Outasight raises a toast, he's drinking coffee at a roadside diner. His ride is a red pickup truck, and he drives it until it breaks down. Watch Billboard.com’s exclusive premiere of "I'll Drink to That":

"The shots and wardrobe are gritty, representing the working man and woman who make this city great," Andrew says. "New York is an amazingly diverse and resilient place, so we wanted to represent that as make my return after traveling far and wide working towards my dream. They say home is where is the heart is, so no matter how far I've gone, there's only one place I go back to. That's all I'm trying to do, find home and find peace."

Outasight’s pop song is built around an anthemic chorus which carries a faint blur of bagpipes. Like it's name would suggest, it's essentially a drinking song. "Times are hard, so let’s drink to what we’ve got / Take a shot, have some faith / These long days will be worth it when we're older / Weight is off our shoulders / I'll drink to that."

"I'll Drink to That" is lifted from Outasight's debut album, "Nights Like These," which arrived last November via Warner Bros.