Justin Bieber Posts Unfinished Song on Frustrating Grammy Night

After his snub in nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards, Justin Bieber announced Saturday night that he would perform new material and answer fan questions in an hour-long video stream set to begin at 8 p.m. -- conveniently the same time at which the Grammys telecast was set to begin.

Things didn't go as planned. When 8 p.m. rolled around, the singer's Livestream page was practically inaccessible. Frustrated, he tweeted:

After continued issues, Bieber moved camp to the similar Ustream, proving he wasn't about to let you go just yet. But then:

Apparently, Bieber didn't expect capacity issues with the two sites for his legions of fans, many of which were more interested in tuning into their heartthrob's livestream rather than the Grammys.

In the meantime, he was all about the shirtless Instagramming. "Never been so frustrating," he said at one point, with an accompanying pic of him staring shirtless (naturally) into the camera.

Finally, Bieber relented, posting an apology video and an unfinished version of "You Want Me," featuring a subdued R&B beat and a hushed rap. "Cause you're scared to fall, but you won't spread your wings," he raps. "You know it's hard to fly when you don't try new things. And imma be the one, to make you smile for a minute. Put your head down [inaudible]."