Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Fend Off Major Label in Funny or Die Clip

Indie darlings (and current Hot 100 champs) Macklemore and Ryan Lewis get the major record label deal they never wanted in "Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Get a Record Deal," a sketch appearing on the comedy site Funny or Die.?

The 3:24 clip features Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as themselves, at the mercy of Sheer's flippant major label executive archetype.
"You sign with a major label, and I am prepared to offer you a deal that will blow your poor little minds - a pair of shoes, and a can of beans," Sheer offers the baffled duo. "You're smart, and you're homeless - that is a double threat. Let's get you guys in the studio recording party songs about food stamps. It'll be part LMFAO, part rabbit lady in ‘Roger and Me.'"??

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are unimpressed, and think all of Sheer's ideas are terrible - much like the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in real life. The Hot 100-topping pair detest the idea of major label stardom, a thought they vehemently share on "The Heist's" track "Jimmy Iovine" where Macklemore raps to the Interscope-Geffen-A&M chairman "I'd rather be a starving artist, than succeed at getting f**ked."??

This is the fourth installment of the "Get Signed" series on Funny or Die, featuring "The League" star Paul Scheer. The series first made waves last year when Tyler, The Creator, Left Brain, and the rest of the gang showed up to the fictional EKG studios in "Odd Future Gets Signed."