24kGoldn & Iann Dior on Going From No. 1 With 'Mood' All the Way to 'Hell' for a New Halloween Podcast

24kGoldn ft. iann dior "Mood"
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24kGoldn ft. iann dior "Mood"

The last few weeks have been nothing but a flurry of No. 1s for rising stars 24kGoldn and Iann Dior. The pair’s breakthrough single “Mood” ascended to the top slot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart dated Oct. 24 and then racked up a second week atop the tally dated Oct. 31. It also spends a second frame at No. 1 on Hot Rap Songs and a ninth straight week atop the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart.

The Billboard Pop Shop Podcast caught up with 24kGoldn and Dior for a chat together on Monday, just a few hours after it was announced that “Mood” had locked up a second week at No. 1 on the Hot 100 to talk about not just the success of the single, but also their co-starring role in Audio Up Media’s spooky new scripted podcast Halloween in Hell (alongside Machine Gun Kelly and Tommy Lee, among others).

"To be honest… I thought [‘Mood’] was gonna be big," 24kGoldn tells the Pop Shop Podcast (listen below), “but I did not think this was gonna be our first No. 1.”

Dior chimes in: “I definitely knew it was gonna go No. 1. No, just kidding,” he laughs.

It’s not lost on the artists that the song is a cross-genre smash, as it straddles multiple sounds and vibes in the track -- from pop and rap to rock and alternative.

“I think our generation, we grew up listening to so much different types of music… we don't think about genre instinctively,” 24kGoldn says. “Like, back in the day, it was like 'Well, you wanna be a rock star? You wanna be a rapper? Or you wanna be an R&B singer?' Nowadays, you can be all three things. I feel like this song, doing what it did, and reaching the heights it did, that's reflective of a shift in culture. We're pushing the culture forward and saying, 'All right, now in music, it doesn't matter what genre it is, it just matters that people like it.' And we made music that people like, so I'm just glad to be a vessel to help inspire and push the culture.”

While fans are getting to know 24kGoldn and Dior through “Mood,” they can also learn about a different side of the artists -- through their acting skills in the new Audio Up podcast Halloween in Hell. The pair co-star in the four-part miniseries, available now, which finds unsuspecting musicians on a game show in hell hosted by the Devil (Tommy Lee), where they have to sing… or die. Naturally, mayhem ensues, along with a lot of new music from the artists -- which has been released in batches on digital retail and streaming platforms.

“When I started Audio Up, I literally wrote down the word ‘Halloween’ and knew that it was an underappreciated holiday for entertainment,” Jared Gutstadt, CEO and founder of Audio Up, tells Billboard in a statement. “You have properties like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and A Nightmare Before Christmas, and I wanted to create something original with both music and comedy.”

He says the hope is that the podcast could be translated into a film or TV property and is optimistic about how the original music featured in the show (from 24kGoldn, Dior, Tommy Lee, Machine Gun Kelly and the rest of the cast) could pay great dividends in the future.

The fact that chart-topping acts like Machine Gun Kelly (who recently earned his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart with Tickets to My Downfall), 24kGoldn and Iann Dior all happen to be part of the cast “is just something I never would’ve predicted,” Gutstadt says.

24kGoldn says the podcast was “perfectly aligned.” “I’ve come to learn when you do stuff with your friends, it turns out better, 'cause you’re having more fun.” He also adds that Gutstadt is “a rock star himself… he got some flair. He understands where we're coming from. And he just wants to give us a platform to story-tell in a way that is different from how we usually story-tell, and make great music to go alongside it.”

In terms of future music plans, 24kGoldn has a full-length album titled El Dorado due out in in “early 2021” that promises “the full picture” of how he plans to “fuse” pop, rock and rap together. As for Dior, he too should have an album dropping at the top of the year, which will boast flavors of hip-hop, rock, funk, alternative-pop and more. Of course, with the success of “Mood,” fans are clamoring for more collaborations from the pair.

“Every day, I open my DMs,” 24kGoldn says, “and people are like, ‘When are you and Iann dropping another song?’

“So it's like, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. We're friends. We knew each other for a year or two before we released a song together, so whenever we just get back in the studio, there's no pressure.”

Dior concurs: “It just happened naturally… We never force a song on each other… I mean, that's just how the process is. I guess that's just how you go No. 1,” he laughs.

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