Lauren Jauregui Plans to Cook Up Some 'Genius Sh-- During Quarantine' to Follow the 'Sensual Energy' of 'Lento'

Lauren Jauregui

Lauren Jauregui

Plus: Why "Work From Home" is the "gift that keeps on giving" & how DJ D-Nice is bringing the "positivity" we need, on the Pop Shop Podcast.

Lauren Jauregui is finding the silver linings in being cooped up at home, as we all keep our distance and try to curb the spread of the coronavirus. "I've been on a super creative stint, so I've been writing songs like every day," the singer/songwriter tells Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast (listen to the full interview below).

It's good timing, too, since she's nearly done with her debut solo album and just released the smoldering bilingual single "Lento," featuring Tainy, on Friday, alongside an equally fiery music video. "It just gives people this taste of, like, that sensual energy that I really love to tap into," she says -- but it might not be the kind of sensuality you're thinking of. "A lot of these dance tracks resort to being about a relationship or a guy or like trying to get a guy or whatever it is. Then this song, for me, was more about me making love to the music. 'Cause the music is what I go out for. Getting into a vibe is why I go out."

And oh, about that album: "She's still being worked on, she's still being tweaked," Jauregui says of the yet-untitled project. "I'm in quarantine, so I've been piecing everything together."

Here are some more highlights from our interview with Jauregui, from how she plans to wrap up the album when she can't even get to the studio to her former group's visionary hit single seeing a resurgence in this social-distancing age. Plus, make sure to tune in to Billboard's Facebook page Wednesday when Lauren puts on a virtual concert for our Billboard Live At-Home series, starting at 5 p.m. ET. (Find the full schedule here.)

What's Standing Between Lauren & Her Debut Album:
"Usually, to finish an album, you need to be in a studio. Luckily, I have some equipment, so I'm going to set it up and I'm going to try to finish this stuff here. But for the most part, hopefully people that are involved with me on my album are down to work on it remotely or somewhere, wherever they are. And we can get some stuff done! I have the songs pretty much selected unless I happen to write some genius sh-- during quarantine [laughs], which, by the way, I've been on a super creative stint, so I've been writing songs like every day."

How She's Tapping Into Her Quarantined Creativity:
"Creativity is like a well. Sometimes it's really full and overflowing and beautiful and thriving. And then other times there's a f---ing drought and you have to sit there and dig until you find a little bit of water. So right now, I'm in an overflow state."

Why We All Need Music at This Exact Moment:
"The most important time for art is right now. When we all need to collectively feel united. When we need to feel healing. ... You can go to a concert and there's not just one type of person at a concert. There's all kinds of people from all kinds of places, all kinds of colors and races. And they all come to the same place to sing the same lyrics for whatever their own personal reason is. Like that to me is just such a magic that it can't be substituted or paused. It can't be contained even. It's what unites people."

How DJ D-Nice's Quarantine Live Streams Are Giving Her Life:
"He killed it. Killed it! And just playing to so many people and was just so happy and present. You know, that's what we need, is that positivity. Like that music really connects everybody, you know? Everyone just feels together even though we're all at home, it's like, that's music. It gets you on the same vibe."

On Fifth Harmony Creating the Perfect Soundtrack for Our New Normal With 'Work From Home':
"The gift that keeps on giving! We didn't even know. We're so ahead of our time. We're so ahead of our time. Wow. [Laughs] Iconic, is what I can say to that."

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