Shaed Marvel at the 'Unbelievable' Ride of 'Trampoline' & Where They'll Jump Next

Andrew Lee


Shaed released their song "Trampoline" back in May of last year. Now, more than a year and a half later, it's still climbing Billboard's charts, topping Alternative Songs for two weeks and jumping 6-5 on our Pop Songs airplay chart this week and 14-13 on the Billboard Hot 100 -- a new peak.

What has it been like for the Washington, D.C.-based electro-pop trio to watch the song's unstoppable trajectory?

"Honestly, the ride has been unbelievable," vocalist Chelsea Lee tells Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast (listen to the full episode below).

Multi-instrumentalist Spencer Ernst, meanwhile, cribs a line from their breakthrough hit to explain his 2019: "I'd say we've been having dreams -- and they're coming true," he laughs.

Now, the group is looking toward what's next. While "Trampoline" shows no signs of stopping, Shaed released follow-up single "Thunder" over the summer, which is also a hit at alternative radio. But they're not in any rush for radio to abandon "Trampoline" in favor of their next song.

"We've been getting good, positive feedback on the new song, but these stations are definitely like, 'You know, we're still pushing "Trampoline" real hard,'" Spencer says. "So it's just a timing thing."

One of the factors behind the longevity of "Trampoline" is a remix released in September featuring Zayn. On the new version, the One Direction alum trades lines with Chelsea, turning the once-solo song into a male-female conversation. Spencer and his twin brother (and fellow multi-instrumentalist) Max Ernst recalled a happy accident that led to some interesting vocal choices from Zayn on the remix.

"In the chaos of sending it to his team when we found out he was interested, one of our label reps Drew -- I'm going to throw him under the bus here -- he sent the demo version of the song to Zayn," Max says. "So [the version] before we had kind of finalized the vocals and we had kind of different vocal melodies and stuff. So initially Spence and I were very, very concerned when we realized."

"We were like, 'Drew, what did you do?!,'" Spencer recalls.

"[Zayn] actually sang a melody that was no longer in our version, but we ended up using it on the track," Max says. "[Zayn's] 'so loved' part ... it's like an answering counter-melody that's really high, and his falsetto became like a really cool hook."

"Thanks, Drew!" the trio laughs.

The band has been on tour for months, including one especially poignant hometown show. "We got to headline the 9:30 Club in D.C., our hometown," Spencer says. "It's like our favorite venue. it's actually where we met Chelsea as well, so there's just like a lot of full-circle [moments], and it sold out. It was just a real special night."

After not being home for more than two days in a row in months, their final concert of 2019 is on Dec. 15 in Milwaukee. They've been busy working on their full-length debut album on the road, and they're excited for fans to hear the new music soon. "We can't say yet, but we've been able to collaborate with some amazing artists that we've always wanted to," Max teases about the project.

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