The Get Up Kids Preview 2019 LP, Name Producer & Expected Release Date

The Get Up Kids
Dalton Paley

The Get Up Kids

“I’ve always wanted to call our record a ripper,” muses the Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor.

After years of headier indie rock fare (and general inactivity), the beloved, long-running emo band got close earlier this year with Kicker, a live-wire EP with four songs of the giddy power-pop many fans have been dying to hear since the turn of the millennium. Next spring, there’s more where that came from.

“We’re going to be working with [producer] Peter Katis out in Connecticut,” Jim Suptic, the band’s other singer-songwriter, announces on the latest #AlternativeFacts podcast. “He was the engineer on [our 2002 album] On a Wire and there was another producer on it,” adds Pryor. “Not that I hate that record, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. There’s something to prove.”  

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The band is already in the demo process and hopes to release the so-far-untitled LP next April. Like Kicker, it’ll be out on Polyvinyl Records. Katis helped produce the National's Boxer and Interpol's Turn On the Bright Lights, so there's plenty of reason for rock fans -- not just emo kids -- to get excited. “It’s going to be a loud rock record,” says Suptic. “The EP is more bam, bam,” Pryor says. “The album will have more dynamics to it.”

Host Chris Payne sat down with Pryor and Suptic for a chat covering not just the new tunes, but a retrospective on the Get Up Kids’ 20-plus-year career. Which major label did they almost sign with and why did they run away from pop-punk after 1999’s Something to Write Home About? Listen to the podcast below. 

(And here's a link to Thundergong!, the Nov. 3 charity event Suptic is involved with, which he mentions in the podcast. It's a benefit for the Steps of Faith Foundation, a non-profit that benefits amputees needing financial support.)

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