Meg Myers Recovers From Label Split With Gripping Second LP: 'I'm Connecting in a Much Deeper Way'

Brantley Gutierrez
Meg Myers

Eight years after moving to L.A. to pursue music, Tennessee native Meg Myers released her major label debut, 2015’s Sorry. The moody menagerie of stormy-skied modern rock earned Myers her footing on alternative radio and a fledgling, yet passionate fanbase.

Then came a jab of harsh music industry reality: while recording Sorry’s follow-up, Myers was dropped from her label, Atlantic Records.

“We were on different paths,” Myers explains on the latest episode of the #AlternativeFacts podcast. She recalls the label's reaction to her new music: “This doesn’t sound like anything right now. Is this going to be a number one? It might not end up in top five.”

Unfazed, Myers continued mixing pensive atmospherics with vicious guitar work on the new songs that would make Take Me to the Disco, due tomorrow (July 20) on 300 Entertainment. Its white-knuckled lead single “Numb” has logged seven weeks (and counting) on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, currently at its peak position of No. 34. And personally, Myers is just starting to come into her own.

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“I expressed a lot of pain on that first album, but I’m connecting in a much deeper way on this album,” she says. Join Myers for her discussion with host Chris Payne, as she narrates her “spiritual journey” over the past three years: navigating the music industry as a free agent, connecting with the right collaborators, the emotional payoff of new music, and the wonders of meditation and finding the right therapist.

Listen to the ‘cast below:

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