Pop Shop Podcast: Kylie Minogue Talks Tour Plans, Being 'Really Moved' by Fan Reaction to 'Golden' Album & More

Kylie Minogue
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Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue stars in a special all-Kylie edition of the Pop Shop Podcast!

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Our latest show is a special episode, dedicated entirely to Kylie Minogue! The pop princess called in to chat about her new album Golden, how plans are coming along for her upcoming Golden Tour (and if it will visit the U.S.), memories of her epic Aphrodite: Les Folies Tour and more. (Listen below.)

Plus, Billboard deputy editor, digital, Joe Lynch (and host of the Must Hear Music Podcast) steps in for regular co-host Katie to talk all things Kylie. Keith and Joe discuss some essential starter albums and singles for those just getting into Minogue’s music, plus Joe reviews his experience seeing Minogue live for the first time.

Golden’s lead-off single, “Dancing,” recently became Minogue’s 14th No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. And, considering how the Golden album came during “an incredible turning point” in her life and was “linked to a breakup,” was it especially rewarding for the performer to see how well the album and “Dancing” were received by fans?

“You've nailed it,” Minogue tells Billboard. “Because it does feel different too, to other albums. I mean, success is success, that's great. And I'm thrilled to have the dance chart No. 1, to have the Golden album No. 1 in the U.K. and Australia, but it's people's response to the lyrics and the songs and they're aware that this has come from a much more personal place for me. So I've just been really really moved by people's reactions.”

Golden is also a particularly personal effort, as it’s Minogue’s first album in 20 years where she co-wrote every track on the album. She last had a hand in co-writing every track on an album with 1997’s Impossible Princess.

Minogue says the studio “was a very healing place for me to be. I didn't intend to be co-writing every track. I actually recorded a number of songs that came in from (outside writers). But then then when we got to the really pointy end of the album and had to make decisions (about which songs were going to stay on the album)… And at that point I realized, 'Oh, I've co-written on all these songs.' And I think… it looked neat. And it looked appropriate for what I set out to do. Although it wasn't something that I thought I had to do. If a song came in (from outside writers) that said what I was feeling and I could express that and make it a part of the album, I would have done that as well.”

Certainly, fans will get a good amount of Golden tunes on Minogue’s upcoming Golden Tour, which kicks off on Sept. 18 in Newcastle, England.

As for the tour’s set list? “We know we've got a good starting point with songs from this album, and everything else on top of that is… that's where the difficulties start. Which older songs do we choose? And how many surprise moments that are a little more obscure do we put in for super fans? It's a fun, yet slightly stressful part of the process.”

Minogue says that she is “pretty settled on a set list,” though once she gets into proper rehearsals for the tour, there’s “normally a 5-10 percent” portion of the set list that will get “massaged.”

While Minogue won’t divulge the full set list, she does acknowledge two Golden tracks are definitely in the lineup: “Raining Glitter” and “Lost Without You.”

“‘Raining Glitter’ is so much fun to perform live. Literally, that's like you've just all had a packet of candy. We absolutely love it and the audience joins in on the 'whoops!' (lyrics in the song). They get it wrong half the time which is hilarious. We love that. So, 'Raining Glitter,' check!

“‘Lost Without You’ is a bonus track on the deluxe album, but it's one that literally… it does something to me. It's kind of on the framework and the feel of everything else in Golden where… (there's still) a lot of synth-pop, but there's, of course, the influence of country. We've got some more organic sounds in there this time. Lyrically and melodically, you can definitely hear the country influence. ‘Lost Without You,’ we think is probably on the outskirts, and maybe the more modern end of Nashville. I can tell you that is going in the tour because I want to experience that song live.”

The Golden Tour currently has dates lined up through Oct. 8 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but only so far has one date scheduled outside of the U.K. -- an Oct. 7 stop in Dublin, Ireland. Will the tour extend to further cities -- perhaps even stops in the U.S.?

“I don't know,” Minogue says. “We're just going to try to get through the U.K. and Europe. Actually, I mean… it is the moment where all the elements are coming together for what we are designing for the show. Obviously I would love to get to as many places as I can. So, yeah, watch this space. But we'll see.”

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