Soul Sisters Podcast: Lola Kirke on 'Mozart,' New Music & Normalizing the All-Female Rock Band

Aaron Richter
Lola Kirke photographed Dec. 28, 2016, in New York.

Many people already associate actor Lola Kirke with musical prodigiousness because of her starring role in Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle, but on this episode of Soul Sisters, she tells us about her IRL blossoming music career, with an impactful new music video out for her single "Monster" and a debut LP coming later this year.

And it's a career that has caught our attention not only on its own artistic merits, but because Kirke has quite intentionally put other women front and center of her projects -- something we noticed at a show of hers in Brooklyn last fall where she was backed by all women, a sight sadly rare to see. "I wanted to normalize the all-female rock band because you don't really see that at all," she explains. "It's always been my dream to have a dreamy all-girl band."

Here's to dreams that really do come true.

Listen below to the full episode, hosted by Jessie Katz and Darah Golub in-studio at Billboard, or watch the filmed version here!