Soul Sisters Podcast: Andrea Gibson on Channeling Rage, Grief and 'Radical Self-Forgiveness' in New Poetry Projects

Andrea Gibson
Coco Aramaki

Andrea Gibson

"Just by the nature of the fact that my poems are about women makes them political, which is heartbreaking," Andrea Gibson tells us on this episode of Soul Sisters, in which Jessie and Darah get to break down the personal, the political and the pronoun with the genderqueer poet/performer, who has a new album Hey Galaxy, and the collection of poetry Take Me With You out now -- and is on tour for fans to see their unmissable live performances. 

Gibson tells us how they went from being a "little hippie" to someone who embraces the fact that "rage is in us, grief is in us, so let it out and let it out for clearing your own being, and to see what beautiful thing we can make from that."

And what beautiful thing would they wish for those listening? "Radical self-forgiveness," Gibson says. Now there's a real gift.

Listen to the full episode below, which includes a special live performance of "Boomerang Valentine" from Hey Galaxy, and be sure to subscribe to the Soul Sisters iTunes channel for all future episodes!