Pop Shop Podcast: Pete Wentz Calls Fall Out Boy's New No. 1 'Mania' Album 'A Testament to Our Fanbase'

Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock 
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy performs at the HD Radio Sound Space at KROQ on Sept. 7, 2017 in Los Angeles.

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On the latest Pop Shop Podcast, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz joins the show! Wentz chats about his reaction to the news that the group just scored its fourth No. 1 album with Mania, how the album was delayed (and retooled), the group’s upcoming tour, and the success of his DCD2 record label artist MAX. (Listen to the show, below.)

Wentz tells Billboard of the No. 1 news, “I kept getting texts from friends in the industry saying ‘it’s looking like this, or its looking like that,’ But I’m actually a crazy person and one of my neuroses is that it can’t be until it actually is. It wasn’t until, I think, someone texted me the Billboard article [announcing the No. 1].”

The No. 1 album is “super exciting,” says Wentz, but he doesn’t get too wrapped up in numbers and charts. “Numbers don’t fill a void that you have. It just doesn’t at all.”

Still, the No. 1 is a “testament to our fanbase,” he says. “They’ve been very loyal. I don’t think we’re an easy, popular act to swallow. It’s just because they go out and buy the record. There’s no other ginormous campaign. I think it’s just a testament to them more than anything.”

Was it especially gratifying to have Mania be so well-received, considering the band delayed the release of the album and retooled it a bit? (The set was originally slated for release last September, but was pushed back until January.)

“I think it vindicated the idea of pushing back,” Wentz says. “I was really nervous about pushing it back. I feel like letting people down is the worst feeling. I think the only other alternative was to put out a record that we felt was mediocre. So it feels a little bit vindicating that people came out and bought [it] after we took the time to make the album that we wanted. So that feels really cool.”

Wentz also discusses Mania’s new hit single “Hold Me Tight Or Don’t,” which rises 38-34 on the Pop Songs chart (dated Feb. 3). Wentz says the track grew from a “really, really brief idea that [singer] Patrick [Stump] had. The song is basically love from like, Larry David’s perspective," he says of the Curb Your Enthusiasm It’s very neurotic, you know?”

Wentz also talks about the success of his DCD2 artist MAX, who hits the top 10 of the Pop Songs chart (dated Feb. 3) for the first time with “Lights Down Low,” featuring Gnash, as the song climbs 12-10.

“I think it’s awesome. Something I’ve always felt is really important is embracing younger artists and helping magnify what their vision is. This one is especially cool just because MAX has really grinded it out… He really went out and did the work. I think lots of times, you tell people ‘you do the work and you’ll see a payoff’ or whatever, but to actually see it months later is really cool. I’m super proud of him.”

In addition to Wentz’s interview, the Pop Shop team also reflect on the 2018 Grammy Awards and what they're hoping to see during Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime performance on Feb. 4. And there’s chart news about Drake’s big week on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Dua Lipa and Troye Sivan.

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