Soul Sisters Podcast: Charlotte Gainsbourg Confronts Family Ghosts, Sexual Politics & Songwriting

Collier Schorr
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg, actor/musician and music royalty, joins Soul Sisters to talk about overcoming familial grief and her own discomfort to make her latest album, Rest. From hew raw performances in Lars Von Trier films to stepping outside the shadow of her father (the late Serge Gainsbourg) to come into her own as a songwriter, Charlotte is feeling a kind of agency as a performer that she has perhaps never quite felt before.

Set to embark on tour to perform songs she has written herself for the first time, she tells us that "the 'most comfortable' is not what I prefer. I don’t love being comfortable."

Listen to the full episode below, where we also get Gainsbourg's take on the #MeToo movement and recent French women's publicized objection to it, or watch here for the filmed version of our conversation. And don't forget to subscribe to the Soul Sisters iTunes channel for all upcoming episodes!