Soul Sisters Podcast: Teresa Williams on Turning a Good Marriage Into Great Music

Teresa Williams
Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Teresa Williams

Contraband Love, the latest album from wife/husband powerhouse duo Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell, proves the two are as artistically well-suited as they seem to be romantically.

"My mother said you have to stop bragging on your husband. It's tacky and people don't like it," Williams laughs on this episode of Soul Sisters. "But I can't help it! He's all that!"

Listen as Williams shares the meet-cute story that led to 29 years of marriage and how, eventually, after years of each building prolific careers performing with some of the greatest artists in history (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, The Grateful Dead), the pair finally decided it was time to make their own music together.

"This just kind of happened when I wasn't looking," she says, which also describes the sum of her career, which was originally intended to be in the theater.

"I thought I was coming to New York to do Shakespeare!"

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