Coming Around Again Podcast: When Shania Twain's 'Come on Over' Ruled the World

Shania Twain performs at theĀ 41st Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 24, 1999 in Los Angeles.

Welcome back to the Coming Around Again podcast, part of the Pop Shop family, where host Andrew Unterberger and a variety of guests discuss notable anniversaries being celebrated in the music world.

This week, we're talking all things Shania Twain and Come on Over. The album, released 20 years ago on Nov. 4, experienced crossover success previously unheard of in the SoundScan era, not only going on to sell over 15 million copies, but spawning six Billboard Hot 100 top 40 hits -- including three top 10s -- and essentially dominating pop culture through the turn of the millennium.

Billboard Associate Editor Taylor Weatherby comes by the pod to discuss her Shania superfandom, recently capped by an excellent interview Taylor did with the singer-songwriter, in which she dove deep back into her two-decade-old memories surrounding the album. We talk about how Shania was actually intimidated by the idea of following up the album she assumed would be her career-definer -- 1994's similarly Diamond-certified The Woman in Me -- and actually ended up leaving that album practically in the dust with the classic, endleslsy single-spawning Over. And of course, we discuss our favorite tracks on the album, and how Shania seems more beloved now than ever 20 years later.

Listen below, and if you haven't already, make sure to read Taylor's discussion with Shania. And be sure to check back every week, to see which classic artists, albums and songs are Coming Around Again!

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