Soul Sisters Podcast: Julia Weldon on Queer Representation & Turning Near Death Into New Music

Julia Weldon
Shelly Simon

Julia Weldon

Happy National Coming Out Day! And happy Julia-Weldon-on-Soul-Sisters Day, as the singer/songwriter joins Jessie and Darah to tell us about her journey from child actor to musician, while grappling with issues of gender, sexuality and near-fatal illness. All of those factors have culminated in the crafting of beautiful songs like those found on her new album, Comatose Hope.

In addition to acting alongside the likes of Meryl Streep (and even performing in a college production of The Vagina Monologues with Anne Hathaway -- "I could tell stories for fucking days," she laughs), it was actually by playing a bisexual character when she was younger that Weldon first began to understand her own queer identity.

"I didn't feel it until I saw it as a possibility for myself and knew it was a thing," she says, testifying to the immense power of representation in media, which she now exemplifies in her own right.

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