#AlternativeFacts Podcast: Tyson Ritter Ponders the Future of All-American Rejects

Tyson Ritter of The All American Rejects
David A. Smith/Getty Images

Tyson Ritter of The All American Rejects performs at Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood on Aug. 2, 2016 in Atlanta.  

The All-American Rejects are gearing up to release the final album in the pop-rock band's Interscope deal, and after numerous hits like "Gives You Hell," "Swing Swing" and "Move Along," frontman Tyson Ritter is ready to break from the script. Earlier this year, AAR dropped a two-song EP as a long-form music video and, with it, some bold new sounds for the band. 

"To me, ‘Sweat’ sounds like Rejects still, but I feel like it’s a cartoon, adrenaline-ized version," he says. "‘Close Your Eyes’ is this departure. More of the record’s gonna feel like stepping away from the expectation of what we sound like... I have friends who openly tell me they didn’t like our band early on, but after we released ‘Sweat,’ they we’re like, this is dope!" 

Chatting with co-hosts Chris Payne and Taylor Weatherby, Ritter weaves in and out of alter-egos and one-liners, and drops some hints on what to expect in the coming months:  two new songs around Christmas, an album likely out the coming year, including a song called "Send Her to Heaven" -- "It’s kind of a tribute to the Pixies… it’s got that chaos, that Pixies flair.”

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Whatever the case, fans should pay careful attention to this chapter of AAR: “I don’t know, this might be our last offering," Ritter admits. "It just depends.” 

Listen to the podcast above for all this, plus plenty more: thoughts from taking part in New York Fashion Week, Ritter's high school memories from Stillwater, Oklahoma, growing up chubby, and plenty of impressions... Lots and lots of impressions.

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