Soul Sisters Podcast: Michelle Zauner on Japanese Breakfast's Ascent

Michelle Zauner
Ebru Yildiz

Michelle Zauner

Soul Sisters was thrilled to be joined by the mastermind behind of one of our new favorite bands, Japanese Breakfast, whose Michelle Zauner gave us the lowdown on how their gorgeous new album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, came about.

Zauner shared what she does to make sure any misogyny she encounters on tour is put to an immediate end ("I'm gonna be very vocal about it"); and about how the best way to get back at unsupportive exes through her songwriting. (Noting that her social media following is about to surpass that of one such ex, she jokes, "All of my success is just really rooted in my sense of revenge.")

"I like playing sick games with myself where I create some kind of weird challenge to pursue," says the self-described deadline-meeter (a rare breed among artists.) This explains her prolific output -- she once tasked herself with writing one song a day for an entire month, the result of which can be heard on some of the tracks off the new album. It also helps that she hired her husband to play in the band. 

"We were either going to be apart all the time or I could put him in the band," she explains. "I feel like I can tour forever now."

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