Soul Sisters Podcast: pronoun Finds Inspiration On the Tinder Screen

Cory Ingram


Writing her EP was "the only thing that was making me happy" says pronoun, aka Alyse Vellturo, who turned heartbreak into art and jumped the difficult divide between repping other artists and becoming one herself. 

"I had completely given that up," the Berklee grad says about songwriting, until a horrible breakup sent her into a creative tailspin in her Brooklyn apartment one night, after which she woke up and thought, "Oh my god, I made this last night?" 

The "This" Vellturo is referring to is her new EP There's no one new around you. -- a title she took from the Tinder message that appears when you've run out of new people to swipe. "I was really drunk one night and I got home and it happened," she recalls. "I thought, 'That's actually kind of beautiful, if you take it off this Tinder screen.'"

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