#AlternativeFacts Podcast: Your New Favorite Band Charly Bliss Is Already In 'Full Writing Mode' for Second LP

Brooklyn-based, self-described “bubblegrunge” rockers Charly Bliss released a delicious, hook-filled debut this year. If you haven’t gotten to know Guppy, now’s the time to: Charly Bliss could well be your new favorite band, but at the rate they’re growing, you can hardly call them “new” anymore. 

“We spent a really long time writing [Guppy], so some of the songs are super old and some are newer, but we’re so excited to be writing new music,” declares frontwoman Eva Hendricks on this week’s #AlternativeFacts podcast. “We recorded the record a little over a year ago, so we feel so excited about writing more. We’re hoping to record our second record as soon as possible, so we’re in full writing mode.”

Eva joined bandmates Spencer Fox (guitar), Dan Shure (bass) and Sam Hendricks (drums) to discuss the new songs (which they’re already playing live), how they were actually “a Starbucks band for a minute,” and why they kind of intimidate other bands when they first meet them. Unrelated, there's also some impromptu singing of Hinder and Breaking Benjamin songs.

But that’s not all! Per usual, this #AlternativeFacts episode features a second great interview, this time with Billboard chart manager/regular podcast contributor Kevin Rutherford. He’s got updates on the commercial performance of the new album from last week’s guests All Time Low, as well as last Friday’s most anticipated release.

“It looks like [Lorde’s Melodrama] is going to be No. 1 in a week where there are a lot of big releases,” Rutherford says. “Pure Heroine never did that -- it actually topped out at No. 3.”

“Green Light” didn’t match the commercial success of Lorde’s previous hits, but we’re really excited about her latest single. “‘Perfect Places’ is going to be that song,” Rutherford says. “Last song on the album, but possibly the best one… certainly the most radio-accessible.”

Want all the details? Listen to the episode above! 

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