Coming Around Again Podcast: How Have Radiohead Mellowed Out So Much Since 'OK Computer'?

Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast: Radiohead
Jim Steinfeldt/Michael Ochs Archives/GettyImages

Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast: Radiohead

Welcome to the Coming Around Again podcast, part of the Pop Shop family, where host Andrew Unterberger and a variety of guests will be discussing notable anniversaries being celebrated in the music world.

In this week's episode, Rolling Stone senior writer Andy Greene stops by the pod to talk about one of the great rock albums of the late 20th century, Radiohead's OK Computer. Greene recently wrote an awesome profile of the band and their signature album in time for its upcoming 20th anniversary -- celebrated in the band's home country of the U.K. this Saturday (June 16) -- spending time with all five members and producer Nigel Godrich.

In addition to discussing Andy's article and the process behind it, we talk about how much the band has relaxed over the years -- particularly frontman Thom Yorke, who seems infinitely more at peace with the world and his place in it than in the OK Computer era. We also look at how different the album itself sounds now than it did back in the late '90s, and how this period of Radiohead's career is so much fun to return to, in large part due to the treasure trove of B-sides, rarities, demos and unreleased tracks from the era that have slowly trickled out into the public over the two decades since.

Listen to the discussion below, be sure to check out Andy's cover story, and look for Radiohead's upcoming OKNOTOK multi-disc reissue of their 1997 masterpiece, to be released next Friday (June 23). And be sure to check back every Thursday to see which classic artists, albums and songs are Coming Around Again!