Paramore, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Luis Fonsi & More: Must-Hear Music Podcast

Billboard's Must-Hear Music Podcast
Neil Krug

Billboard's Must-Hear Music Podcast

Paramore are back, and they sound like 1983! From Hayley Williams' foray into the sounds of Haircut 100 to Lady Gaga's version of trop-pop on her new single, there's a lot of genre crossing we're looking at on this week's Must-Hear Music podcast.

First up, we talk about Lady Gaga's "The Cure," which she debuted at Coachella, followed by Lana Del Rey's The Weeknd collaboration "Lust for Life," which is peak Lana, what with lyrics about dancing on the Hollywood sign and references to movies and music past.

This week's crew (Joe Lynch, Lyndsey Havens, Alexa Shouneyia) also looks at Paramore's "Hard Times," their first single from their upcoming album After Laughter, which calls back to the faux-tropical subset of new wave briefly popular in the early '80s. As for tropical music from people who actually come from tropical climates, we look at Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" remix, which features Spanish singing from Justin Bieber. Plus, we chat about the surprise lo-fi rock album from Shamir, Hope, a departure from his synth-pop debut.

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