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Coming Around Again: Revisiting Third Eye Blind's Self-Titled & Chemical Brothers' 'Dig Your Own Hole' on 20th Anniversaries

Danny Shipley
Third Eye Blind

Today (Apr. 14) marks the debut of Coming Around Again, Billboard's new segment of the Pop Shop Podcast, in which I'll be talking to artists and fellow writers about some music topics celebrating landmark anniversaries.

In this episode, we're discussing two albums that turned 20 last week: Third Eye Blind's self-titled debut, and The Chemical Brothers' Dig Your Own Hole. The two LPs showed very different sides of where post-grunge alternative was at in 1997: 3EB's breakthrough saw a return to a poppier, more accessible brand of rock -- albeit one with a definite dark side -- while Dig Your Own Hole showed rock being stretched into the electronic dance world, with mind-bending results.

In the first part of the podcast, I'm joined by Billboard senior contributor Gil Kaufman, who recently compiled an excellent oral history of Third Eye Blind's multi-platinum blockbuster. Gil and I talk about his experiences with the band -- particularly their divisive frontman Stephan Jenkins -- and why they both exploded into stardom so suddenly, and burned out pretty quickly after their first few albums.

Then in the pod's second half, Billboard senior editor Joe Lynch drops by to talk about the Chemical Brothers' genre-spanning opus. We talked about our own memories of electronica's late-'90s moment in the sun, compared Dig Your Own Hole to some of the other big beat releases of the period, and debated how well the album translates two decades later, in an era where EDM acts are firmly entrenched in the mainstream's center.

Listen to this week's Coming Around Again below, and check back every Thursday to see which of your favorite artists, albums and songs are celebrating milestone birthdays on the Pop Shop Podcast!